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We'll be writing news, interviews, posting about our event series, mixes, podcasts, our fashion label, record label and all sorts of lovely things from the HE.SHE.THEY. universe from house and techno to mental health and activism.

Our first blog post had to be about our return to London for our first show in over 18 months in the capital to queer up fabric which alongside our line-up of hosts and house and techno; it being Pride Weekend means it's likely to be the most incredible HE.SHE.THEY. to date! Get your tickets here:

Pride Weekend London

11th September 2021 we will see us return to our beloved fabric, London with a monster line-up of house and techno's finest.

The queen of the underground Maya Jane Coles headlines the show with rumours of her third album under the Maya Jane Coles name and a Beatport residency which was the best thing about lockdown we literally can't wait for Maya to get her hands on those decks.

Berlin's Cinthie has been supporting everyone from Honey Dijon to Patrick Topping after a long term residency at Berlin's Watergate, Cinthie has world domination in her sights and with the about of heaters she is putting out on her own label and her album on Aus it's a very real possibility.

in hot pursuit alongside fabric resident Anna Wall. We've know Anna since she was knee high to a grasshopper and she really is family. It's a joy to see her finally getting the recognition she truly deserves as one of the capital's finest.

Making her fabric debut in Room 1 no less is HE.SHE.THEY. resident and THE fastest rising star going SYREETA - see below - fresh from supporting everyone from Jamie Jones to Carl Cox! Rumour has it she's been making some tunes of the pandemic and this might be the perfect place to hear some for the first time on fabric's world renowned sound system.

Room 2

Heading up Room 2 with guest hosts Love Child is HE.SHE.THEY. favourite and one of the true pioneers of the scene Kittin (formerly Miss Kittin). If you haven't seen Kittin play before it's an actual education.

Love Child boss Josh Caffe goes back to back with another queen of the scene in batty bass supremo and Panorama Bar regular Hannah Holland who will just have released her new album.

East Londoners will know her well but Jaye Ward rounds off the selectors in Room 2. Jaye has an encyclopedic knowledge of dance music from the weird to the wonderful and everything acidy sounding in between.

Our Lovely Hosts

Any London HE.SHE.THEY. wouldn't be complete with our family of hosts out in full either: If you're new to HE.SHE.THEY. here is a little run down.

Alexis Meshida brings the party like now other. A trans right activist, model, dancer, actor you might have seen Alexis in Krudo's video for "You Can't Blame Me" out on HE.SHE.THEY. records.

Ashraf - you might recognicise him from modelling the lovely HE.SHE.THEY. T-shirts from London Fashion Week, dancing at Harpies or being the hottest member of the Pit Crew on Ru Paul's Drag Race UK. When Ashraf isn't dancing he is an incredible actor and writer.

Brother of set - see image below - is one of our most recognizable club kids as frequent flyer guest because those lewks are INCREDIBLE. 1/3 of the Polish Fashion Mafia. Brother of Set also hand makes all those gorgeous outfits!!!!!!

Georgie Bee - a former Miss Sink The Pink - and if ever there was a concrete reason as to why female drag queens should be allowed to be on Ru Paul's Drag Race it's Georgie. The looks are fire, surreal sometimes and comedic others but always perfect.

Lewis G. Burton - Lewis G. Burton is INCREDIBLE. One of THE best performance artists in modern times but also the head honcho at Inferno and champion of our community from Pxssy Palace to Harpies to fashion shows for Fecal Matter; Lewis is often behind the scenes making magic happen that you didn't even realise Lewis was behind. Forever proud to have Lewis hosting this Pride Weekend.

Lottie Croucher - Lottie is the momma bear of our dancers from London to Ibiza to Berlin - it's Lottie whipping everyone into shape and sometimes with an actual whip.

Lucia Blayke - see picture below - is the founder of London Trans Pride and Harpies - Europe's first LGBTQIA+ strip club which has been such a wild success. We partnered with Harpies for London Fashion Week when we launched our first ever clothing line and pushed for trans inclusion in fashion at a road block party which was our last London rave before Lockdown hit!

Mama stylist - words fail to justice the creative force and ball of energy that is Mama. Now ordained the ultra diva can now get you married and held a ceremony! 1/3 of the Polish Fashion Mafia - do yourself a favour and follow Mama on insta it will make you smile "sweetie". A truly wonderful human being.

Max the tribrid - the resident of pet of HE.SHE.THEY. This Hell Hound is absolutely out of control from covers for QX to unbelievable horror cabaret to work with Murrky and the Cock Destroyers, Max is London's most famous pup by way of Portugal. Watch out his bite is worse than his bark!

SANDRA - Sandra was birthed during lockdown by HE.SHE.THEY. co-founder Steven Braines after an other the top jewellery spending spree at the Cancer Research charity shop. Sandra is a reality star, bed and breakfast landlady from Blackpool recently separated from her cheating magician husband Tony who ran away with her arch nemesis Abraca Debra. Hot or cold, one thing's for sure and that's SANDRA is a mess.

Stella Marbles - the magician of the mask and founder of Cookie Jar is the cover star of London Pride flyer and I think we can all agree that they look ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The photo was taken at our last fabric show so it's nice for the image to come full circle.

Tyreece - winner of slag wars and non-binary model and activist Tye is one of those people you need to see now because in twenty years when Tye has conquered the world you'll be able to tell your mate in the pub that you remember seeing them in fabric. The future is so bright for TYREECE we all need shades.

See you all there and if you haven't already buy your ticket now because when they are gone they are gone! Plus you will save a little bit too -

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