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Being a polysexual night isn’t just about using buzzwords to appear inclusive. We work really hard to make sure that your night will be safer as well as fun, regardless of who you are. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions, but if you have any other concerns you feel we haven’t addressed then please do reach out to us! 
What does HE.SHE.THEY. mean? 

HE, SHE and THEY are gender pronouns, which are the pronouns people use to refer to themselves. Some people identify as a ‘he’ and some as a ‘she’ but some people don’t identify as any gender and therefore prefer the pronoun ‘they’.
You can’t always tell someone’s pronoun from looking at them. If you don’t know what pronoun someone prefers, the best way to find out is to ask them, in a polite and respectful way. It’s important to respect people’s gender identity and use the correct pronoun as failing to do so can make people feel disrespected, disregarded or alienated.
Whats the idea? 

HE.SHE.THEY. is about breaking down barriers. We want to create a sanctuary; a place without prejudice where people can be people. To create a utopia where people feel they belong whilst expressing their utmost individuality. Where they can spread their creative wings and relinquish the shackles imposed by society, irrespective of age, race, sex, gender, ability, religion, background or their sexual preference. It’s a really simple ethos: have a good time whilst being respectful to others. If you bring a bad attitude, if your intolerances come to the surface, you will not be welcomed.
What should I wear? 

We know you have that outfit in your wardrobe somewhere that you’ve always been nervous about wearing for fear it’s a bit too ‘Out There’, well, not at HE.SHE.THEY. Feel free to dress as normally or as outrageously as you want. From PVC, latex and leather boots, an extreme make up look, to your favourite LBD or pair of kicks.  Experimentation. Is. Encouraged.
Disclaimer : Some clubs do not allow sportswear which means no trackies or football tops. If you’re not sure about the rules for the venue you are attending, we suggest reaching out to us or to the venue to check. We hope that this small limitation won’t stop you from experimenting with your look!
Why can’t I take photos?

For the clubbing veterans amongst you, you’ll know that many clubbing spaces around the world operate a strict no cameras policy and we agree with that based on our ethos. That’s for two reasons - Firstly, we believe the dance floor is a safe space for people to push their boundaries as long as they are respecting others in the space. No phones means you can feel comfortable to express yourself through your looks or dancing in ways you might not always feel comfortable to do in other spaces. Secondly, we hope it means that you’ll fully experience the moments and the music, rather than trying to capture them. This is your chance to lose yourself & disconnect from the outside world, so take it - remember, experimentation is encouraged!  At most events, we’ll have official photographers to capture the night for you so check back on our official socials after an event to enjoy the memories.
I’m concerned about who searches me, what can I do?

Many clubs carry out a compulsory search upon entry. We work with the venues that host us to make sure that if you identify as trans, non-binary or are otherwise concerned about who searches you, door staff will do their best to accommodate you. Please feel free to reach out to us before the event if you have any concerns. 
What’s the deal with the bathrooms? 

We are aware from our own personal experience that bathrooms can be a sensitive topic for the trans and non-binary communities. Many venues we work with have unisex toilets, but we work with the clubs that do not to ensure people can use the bathroom they feel most comfortable using.  
What can I do if someone is making me feel unsafe or uncomfortable? 

If it is unwanted, it is harassment.
If at any point you feel as though someone or something is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable then please report it to a member of staff or security. In the UK, you can also Ask for Angela at any bar and staff will help you. We are working with our international partners for country-specific equivalents to this. 
Discriminations on any basis will not be tolerated.

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